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The Word Warriors Audio Bible™ that you received runs on three rechargeable batteries that have been pre-charged in the factory, so the player is ready to use.

However, like any product that runs off of a re-chargeable battery, proper care and maintenance of the batteries will ensure optimal use of the product and extended life of the batteries.

For ongoing regular use (see below) of the player there are three options for charging the batteries:

1.Natural Sunlight Place the player, solar-panel up, for 24-14 hours in the sun during prime sun conditions. This may take place over three or four days.

2.Artificial Light. Position the player, solar-panel up, 10 centimeters (Four inches) away from an incandescent or halogen light bulb. The batteries will charge in approximately 10 hours of continuous direct artificial light.

3.External Power Supply. To charge more quickly, attach the player to a 200mA, 9-volt plus (+) polarity power adapter with a 3.5mm plug. Using the adaptor, fully depleted batteries will fully recharge in about 6 hours.

Regular use is defined by listening to the unit every day, or even just periodically, during a three month period. If the batteries discharge during regular use, fully recharge the batteries by one of the above methods as soon as possible.

To extend the life of the battery. If you have not used the player for three months or longer, completely discharge the batteries by leaving the player on until it produces no sound. Then recharge the batteries by one of the methods listed above.

Storing the player. If you plan to store the player for several months or longer, first make sure the batteries are fully charged. Storing the player with depleted batteries can damage them and affect their future charging capability. To extend the life of a stored player, every three months discharge the player entirely and fully charge it before returning it to storage.