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How Do I become Teachable?

13 September 2010 No Comment

How Do I become Teachable?

Some years ago I heard of a Harvard study of adults over forty. The question was, “What percentage are teachable.” The answer was 1%. I thought it was wrong until I began to observe those around me.

Here is my observation. The higher the level of education, the lower the level of curiosity. When we think we know, we no longer have the capability to learn. We stop allowing our thoughts to be changed. We lock down our beliefs.

This is a tragedy. At age four we ask 400 questions a day, at age twenty we ask 40 questions a day. Are we ashamed to look foolish by asking questions? Is it better to be a liar and live in deceit? Wake up, you are the same as everyone else. You are either a sinner or a sinner saved by grace. You have not because you ask not!

My son turns twelve on Friday. He lives with his mom during the school week. He told me he got detention several times last year for asking too many questions. I never knew or rest assured, his teacher and I would have had a stern conversation. I want my son to be curios.

The United States is far behind the rest of the world in primary education. Their high schools match our universities. Do you know how many high school graduates can’t read at a college acceptance level?

Most of the PhDs I meet think they know it all. Do you know how many PhDs and MAs are out of work and have no clue how to create work? Without the gift of curiosity it is impossible to learn. Stupid and “Know it All” are synonymous (the same).

I am dumb. Dumb is “Not Knowing.” Stupid is thinking and saying you know when you don’t know. Stupidity is rampant in this country. Somehow we have become the country of entitlement. My Bible says, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” Wake up Americans, Holy Ghost wants to teach you. Open up your mind!

God owes us nothing! We owe God everything! Jesus died for you and for me. All God asks for is our love. If we love Him, we will want to please Him. If we love Him we will want to spend time with Him. If we don’t want to please Him, we don’t love Him.

If you are not born again I am sad for you. God created man in His own image and when we are born again, we are creator beings connected directly to God through His son Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. Our words either create or destroy. We speak either life or death.

Want to have the capacity to learn? Quit being a “Know it All” and get curios. Become like a little child. Begin to question everything and you just might begin to learn again. Ask, ask, ask, ask, ask!

If this is too in your face for you, you fit the not so smart column in my new book. If this insults you, wake up! The letter kills but the spirit gives life. You’re not God so you better seek after Him. We are all the same in His eyes.

My prayer is simple, “Break me God. Mold me and make me usable. Forgive me for my arrogance and pride. Break me Lord.”

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