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Dear Pastor,

My name is Will Green and I am the founder of the Word Warriors, Encouragement Temple and Funnnday School™ children’s ministries in Warrenton, Virginia. In our fellowship God’s smallest children sit on the front rows and their older siblings, parents and grandparents are permitted to sit behind them. Our children are our future…

This is what we have experienced. Parents are learning much more than they normally would have as they listen along with their children. They now understand that we are spirits and that our spirit has a body and a soul. “God is the Father of spirits.” Hebrews 12:19

We, the spirit have dominion over we the body and we the soul, but only if we will it! Who controls you?

We are each personally responsible to exercise dominion over our own body. How can we do this without the Word of God? I want to share a Spiritual Revelation with you.

After my third long fast, 40 days, 40 days and then 53 days, the lust of the flesh diminished dramatically. I cannot take any credit for this special freedom, the Holy Spirit gets all of the credit. I am beginning to understand why Jesus said, “But by Prayer and Fasting…” Mark 9:29

Fasting allowed me to get control of my lust for food and my lust of the flesh. It was after the 53 day Fast that physical lust left. I am confident that God will complete the work He has started. I would not have fasted for 53 days without Pastor Bob Rodgers books.

Thankfully Dr. Mike Murdock introduced me to Pastor Bob Rodgers and his books on fasting opened my spiritual eyes. When the flesh is weakened, the spirit can gain control!

God said, “Before you were in your mothers womb, I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5

We were before we began as a seed in humanity. We came from where? We must have been with God because He knew us! We can return to Him or not! Our choice!

“What so ever a man sows, that shall he reap also.” Galatians 6:7

I have many SEEDS for you. I want to bless you in a very uplifting, positive manner! My seeds are the product of over 66 years of life in humanity and 38 years of life in Christ. What God has given me freely I must give to you.

In prayer I am often ashamed of the way I have wasted so much of my life. Every moment is a time to praise God and serve Him. So often I have done things without consulting the Holy Spirit. The flesh has moved but the spirit has not.

If I could give you one lesson as my beloved child it would be this, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” As a father the greatest joy my children give me is when they listen to what I have to say to them and they respond to it.

How can I help you expand your ministry or business?

We are all in the same ministry, our Fathers business. One of my courses, Will Green’s Master Referral Marketing System, taught Real Estate Agents and Insurance Agents how to double their businesses. This course has been refined, formed into a book, and much improved for the body of Christ. It is important for the church to have this course and I am giving it to those who join our cause as an Activist as a FREE benefit!

My second book, Will’s Favorite Success Books Other Than The Bible, includes the very best published works of success, other than the book of Proverbs, that I have in my library of over 10,000 volumes. This compilation includes four out of print manuscripts costing over $400 used on Amazon.com. It is another FREE benefit for my partners.

Two more books are also included as SEEDS, 507 Ways to Have Money and Debt Hurts. Debt is Satan’s favorite tool for the destruction of families. We must conquer debt before debt conquers us, we must! “Owe no man anything but love.” Romans 13:8

Together these SEEDS sell for over $375 on Amazon, in Borders and Barnes and Noble. You should check them out for yourself and you will not hurt my feelings at all if you decide to purchase them. Want them for FREE?

Why am I giving them to you FREE?

What is his Motive?

Believe me, I do have a Motive!

I need your help getting every Christian in North America into God’s Word and God’s Word into them.

We already know that 70% of the people in the world can’t read and in the United States, 80% don’t read. Now we can get the Word of God into everyone in audio.

It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog that creates a champion. We are in the good fight and our weapon is the Word of God. How can we win if God’s Word is not in us? We must have the Word grounded in us if we are to win life’s battles.

Our ultimate goal is 100,000,000 audio Bibles in believer’s hands in North America over the next decade. We are talking about Canada, Mexico and the United States.

The entire audio Bible is now on this little pocket size version, smaller than a pocket New Testament. Just PRESS THE BUTTON and this Bible reads God’s Word to you out loud. All you do is listen! It’s so simple even I can do it!

Churches, Pastors and organizations may join us and be rewarded with many thousands of dollars in rewards by sharing God’s Word in their neighborhoods, towns and cities and other groups.

We do most of the work for our partners.

Join us as an Activist Organization or Activist Individual and purchase a Word Warriors Audio Bible™.

Now is the time to get started. Don’t procrastinate, do it right now and you will find yourself in the Word many hours a week. I promise you, the Word of God is addictive.

The Word is Truth and the Truth will set you free!

We are creating jobs for Christians, sharing God’s Word. Who in your congregation needs a job? Put them to work and your ministry earns income as they do. This is a win, win opportunity to help others who need work.

Do what we do, not what we say…

First we listen to God’s Word often on our Word Warriors Audio Bible™. Strangers are drawn to the Word of God by the Holy Spirit as they overhear it. They will ask you what it is you are listening to. Their question opens the door to share God’s love with them.

Here is our simple one on one presentation:

“If you are like me you want to read God’s Word every day but you just don’t seem to find the time.

Here is what I do, I just PRESS THE BUTTON and God’s Word is read to me! Here, try it!”

At this point, we hand them the audio Bible and let them PRESS THE BUTTONS! The sound is crystal clear and amazing in both the English and Spanish translations.

Almost everyone I show my player to wants one. People literally take them from me! The more you get into the Word, the more the Word gets into you.

I believe this little pocket-size device has the potential to start Spontaneous Revival, draw America back to God and help make America a God fearing nation once again.

Help us encourage a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in North America again. Today is the day of salvation!

Will you help us get the Word out and start Spontaneous Revival in North America?

In His Service,
Will Green, servant

P.S. We began on April 1, 2010. Get ahead of the curve and join this grassroots movement now. You will be blessed as you bless others.