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Ten Keys To Walking In God’s Glory

3 July 2010 2 Comments

Ten Keys To Walking In God’s Glory

#1. Thy Will be done in me on earth as thy Will is done in me in Heaven.

Surrender your will to the Holy Ghost. It is your will that runs your life. Your will, will lead you to your destiny. Connect your will to God’s will for your life. Your destiny depends on this act of Faith. Our goal is, “Well done good and faithful servant.” In our heart of hearts we want to please our Father God.

#2. All of You and none of me.

When it becomes all about God and none about me, I will completely trust in God. Jesus has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. He asked the Father to send the comforter, Holy Ghost. The same Holy Ghost that baptized Him at the river with John the Baptist. The same Holy Ghost that rushed into the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost. The same Holy Ghost that you are baptized into today.

#3. Work with God, not for God.

Sons and daughters work with their Father, employees work for their Master. Act like a child of God and not a servant of God. God desires an intimate relationship with his child, you. He said, “Come reason with me.” He gave you free will so that you could decide to honor, love and adore Him. We are children of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

#4. God Inhabits the Praises of His people.

In all things give thanks unto Father God. All things work for good for those who are lead according to His purpose. There are no good or bad things in our lives. There are experiences. These experiences form our character. It is from the abundance of our heart that we act. God chastises those whom He loves. Every moment of every day is another opportunity to choose. When things are rough, Praise God, when things are good, Praise God. Thankfulness and Praise please our Father in heaven.

Stay in a spirit of Praise and Adoration and God will be pleased. Praise will keep your attention on God and off of you. Magnify the name of the most high God and thank Him for His Goodness and Mercy. His Mercy endureth forever.

#5. Feel the Presence of God when you pray.

We have been taught that feelings are only emotion. Love is an emotion and God is love. Ask God to let you experience the felt presence of His love when you are in His presence. Your relationship with Him will deepen. You will connect with Him in a new way. You must ask expecting to feel His love. You will most likely find yourself in tears quite often. Tears of joy and expectation.

#6. Get out of the way and let God.

All to often we move out in front of God to do things that we want to do for Him. What He wants is for us to wait on Him and do the things He wants us to do. God and only God knows our destiny. He knows why we were created. He will lead and guide us through the Holy Ghost if we will only let Him. Fulfilling our destiny will be our ultimate blessing. We need to be prepared for this God ordained task. Everything we have ever done and will ever do is important to God’s will for our life.

The sooner we totally submit our will to Holy Ghost, the sooner we will see the Glory of God. To be in His Glory is the highest high we will ever experience. Alcohol and Drugs are a cheap imitation of the high God has prepared for us. Walk beside God and experience His Glory. You will never be the same again!

#7. Pray in the Holy Ghost at least one hour every day.

There are simple steps to the heart of Father God.

Step #1. Ask God for forgiveness. Repent, turn away from sin. Sin is disobedience or missing the mark.

Step #2. Ask Jesus Christ to take over your life and come into your heart.

Step #3. Acknowledge that Jesus was born of a virgin with God as His Father. That He gave His life on the Cross and was raised from the dead on the third day to sit at the right hand of God to judge the just and the unjust forever.

Step #4. Ask God to baptize you in the Holy Ghost and Fire. This is the same Holy Ghost that came upon Jesus at His baptism by John and came upon the Disciples in the Upper Room at Pentecost. Holy Ghost is here to baptize you today. He is in you and wants you to be in Him.

If you do not know about the Baptism in the Holy Ghost listen to the book of Acts. Ask God for this experience. You will receive Power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you.

#8. Listen to the Word of God all night every night.

To have the mind of Christ one must renew their mind by the washing of the Word. In times past this took years. Today this only takes months. Imagine the Bible delivered into your spirit 50 times in one year! This would have taken a lifetime in the past.

Less than ten hours a day for one year, 365 days is equal to 50 times through the entire Bible. Sleep with the Word and listen for two or three hours a day and you will be saturated in the Word.

#9. Cry out to God.

When all hope in the natural is gone, cry out to God. The God of Mercy and Grace loves his children and steps in at the last possible moment to rescue them. He wants us to grow our Faith, our Trust in His Word. God alone is our source and He wants to be acknowledged for this. We must do all that we can do and He will do the rest.

#10. Create a Special Time with God every day.

Practice anything for one month and if you enjoy it, it will become a habit. Being in God’s presence will elevate you to a place of euphoria. God walked with Adam in the afternoon. Set your special time to fit your lifestyle. Bask in the presence of God daily.

Thoughts to grow on:

To walk in God’s Glory is the greatest experience you will ever have. Listening to God’s Word will open new possibilities to your spirit. You will see things that you could have only imagined. Walking with the Holy Ghost is like walking with God in the Garden of Eden. You will get to know Him in an intimate way.

To have your own Word Warriors Audio Bible™ is a privilege. The audio Bible is equivalent to a 61 CD set or two DVD set with the convenience of being smaller than a pocket New Testament. Imagine the entire Bible in audio in the palm of your hand.

Reach out to God and He will touch you. You will feel His presence. God inhabits the praises of His people. Praise and Worship open heaven. Apostle Thomas’ ministry is Open Heaven and He walks with God. Worship Almighty God and He will visit you. Praise and Magnify the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

“I wish above all things that you shall prosper and be in good health as your soul prospers.”

David said, “Bless the Lord of my soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy name.”

God is the God of spirits. It is time for your spirit to tell your soul to bless the Lord!


  • Abigail Slocum said:

    Thank you, Will, for these fabulous “Ten Keys to Walk in God’s Glory.” None of these keys are hard to do once you know and receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior because He is always with you. His grace is sufficient.

    All you have to do is simply make the quality decision to submit your life to Jesus and He will help you by the power of His Holy Spirit to walk out these ten keys that really are “habits of the heart.”

    God’ love is so amazing. To Him be all the Glory!

  • mlw said:

    Unbiblical, “new age like” mumbo jumbo. Nothing about repentance or obedience; Not one word about Jesus and Salvation; No scripture to back up any of this.

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