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Want to Hunger after God?

30 October 2010 No Comment

Want to Hunger after God?

It is Hungering after God that opens our spirit to chase after Him, to pursue Him. My life is about being in God’s presence. How can I get this Hunger right now? Holy Father, is there a way to increase my hunger after you?

When I was a boy my favorite aunt, Aunt Grace, on my dad’s side of the family had a farm in Wolfboro, New Hampshire. In the kitchen was a water pump at the sink, the kind you had to pump the handle up and down to draw water from the well. In order to get the pump to work it had to be primed. It was necessary to pour some water down the pipe to get a suction started. This is called, “Priming the Pump.”

Just a few months ago God showed me how to get Hungry after Him. He taught me how to, “Prime the Pump.” My hearts desire is to pant after Him as the deer pants after the water brook. I want my every desire to be His desire. I want to walk in His presence as Adam walked in His presence. I want my early afternoons to be spent with Him. Just to sit at His feet and worship and adore Him.

While I was on a fifty-day liquid fast God had an audio Bible delivered to me through an old friend. He then encouraged me to listen to the Bible all night as I slept through another brother and his wife.

After spending two months listening to the Word of God all night and at times during the day I received a miracle. I did not ask God for this miracle. He gave me this miracle out of His love and compassion. This miracle has changed my life for several reasons. First, God did it and gets all of the credit as no man was involved. Secondly, I don’t even know when this miracle happened.

On the way to Richmond on Route 95 South one Thursday evening, I reached up and the hole in my head was gone! My friend in the passenger seat looked over and said, “What’s wrong with you?” I was blown away! The hole was gone. The scar was gone! My head was back to normal! I was patting my head in amazement.

In 1968 in Washington, D.C. we experienced race riots. During this time a group of black men confronted me and began to say, “we brown, you white, we brown, you white.” A circle formed around me and these individuals commenced to break heavy green Coke® bottles over my skull. It is a miracle I even lived. I passed out at the hospital emergency room entrance. I woke up with a team of doctors around me picking glass out of my skull.

Satan wanted me dead. He knew God had a call on my life. Satan wanted me to hate black people. He must have known that black people would have the greatest influence on my spirit man. God was preparing me for a time like this! He was preparing me to share this testimony with you right now! First the Test, then the Testimony!

In 1972 Jesus reached me and I became a new creation in Him. I immediately found a predominately black church to join so that I would understand the black culture and get over the 1968 incident. Prior to that time, many of my friends were black. Until then, I was colorblind!

God did a mighty work in me. He taught me the most important truth I could have found in regard to skin color. We are spirits that live in a body. Spirits are without color. The body is our form of transportation here in this present state. If I drive a green car and yours is blue, does that matter? Neither does color matter!

God is the God of spirits! Satan is the god of the flesh! The flesh wars with the spirit! Get in the spirit and you will overcome the flesh! Get out of the flesh! How? Saturate in the Word and spend time in communion with God, prayer!

Sin begins as thought. Control your thought and you will live in Holiness! How? Reject any thought that will not please God! Thoughts become words and words guide our destiny! Pure thoughts produce purity and purity produces Holiness. My desire is to please daddy. My desire is to please Father God. “Be ye Holy as I am Holy”

Holiness is not something, Holiness is everything!

Two steps to Holiness!

#1. Saturate in God’s Word all night and during the day at every convenient moment!

#2. Pray without ceasing! Stay in a constant connection with the Holy Ghost, adoring our Father through His son Jesus. Keep your thoughts on things above.

Purchase a Word Warriors Audio Bible™ and saturate in God’s Word.

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